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The Stanton workers compensation attorney and work injury lawyer at the respected Law Firm of Dennis Dascanio has more than three decades’ experience in work-related injuries and workers comp matters. We help people who have been hurt or become ill due to their job. Stanton Lawyer Dennis A. Dascanio has assisted thousands in gaining the medical attention they required and the workers compensation benefits they deserve. Employers are obligated by law to pay all costs incurred by an injury at work, and we help make sure you get the benefits for which you are eligible.

Stanton Workers Compensation Attorney Dennis Dascanio

Stanton Workers Compensation Attorney Dascanio has been certified by the state bar of California as a specialist in workers compensation law. This indicates he has demonstrated comprehensive experience and knowledge in workers comp law. For decades, our law office has been standing up to protect workers’ rights. Mr. Dascanio is pleased to offer representation on a contingency basis, not charging attorney fees until a beneficial result has first been gained. Call our office today! We offer a free first consultation with Workers Comp Lawyer Dennis Dascanio. To schedule your initial consultation, call (714) 550-7002. Our work injury attorney is experienced and ready to help you find the resources, care, and benefits you deserve.

Work Injury Lawyer Serving Stanton, California

Since the late 80s, our workers comp attorney has been cutting through red tape and helping clients progress through the workers comp system. Because of Mr. Dascanio’s expertise in the field, he has been able to help clients suffering from multiple kinds of work injuries. Our firm has assisted individuals who have been in construction accidents, suffered repetitive motion injuries, and sustained catastrophic injuries, as well as the following:
  • Back or Neck Injury
  • Respiratory & Lung Illness
  • Industrial Workplace Injury
  • Injury due to Exposure to a Toxic Substance

Workers Comp Benefits for Individuals Injured at Work

Our certified workers compensation attorney knows well the challenges that often face those injured at work. Many must cope with their injury while living on a reduced paycheck. Our office seeks the highest allowable benefits for every injured client. At times, certain circumstances call for pursuing other types of benefits as well:

Medical Benefits:

Any injury that is related to a person’s job is fully covered by their workers compensation benefits. To learn more about those benefits and how to apply, please contact us.

Permanent Disability:

When someone has been hurt on the job and cannot go back to their work, permanent disability payments may be granted.

Temporary Disability:

If a worker is unable to return to their job for a limited amount of time, they may qualify to receive temporary disability payments for a specific period of time.

Job Retraining Benefits:

In situations where it will not ever be possible to return to one’s old job, the costs of education to retrain the injured individual may be reimbursed.

Death Benefits:

If a family member has tragically lost their life in a job-related incident, it may be possible to gain family death benefits.

Consult with our Reliable Workers Comp Attorney

When someone is injured at work, it is vital that a skilled work injury attorney is consulted. Individuals who delay in applying for compensation may be increasing the chances of denial and loss of benefits. Our law firm knows you need the monetary and medical benefits provided under the law for work injuries. We are zealous in our pursuit of justice and proper compensation. Call Stanton Attorney Dascanio at telephone number (714) 550-7002 in order to set a time for your free consultation. Or if you would prefer that we contact you, please complete and submit our online form. Stanton Workers Compensation Lawyer Dascanio is well respected by previous clients. Our reviews showcase our quality legal representation and results. In addition, if you are seeking SSDI payments, our office can provide skilled assistance.

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