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The Law Offices of Employment Law Attorney Dennis A. Dascanio has been representing clients in and around San Diego, California since 1987. If you’ve been a victim of discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, you don’t have to tolerate this conduct. Our compassionate and knowledgeable employment law lawyers are vigorous Employee Rights advocates. We are dedicated to helping clients who have suffered mistreatment and discrimination at the hands of their employers, managers, co-workers or third-party vendors. If you need a skilled Employment Discrimination Lawyer in San Diego, California call (619) 338-8399 to make an appointment for a no cost, in-office consultation with one of our experienced Employment Law Attorneys. Most cases are accepted on contingency fee – if we don’t obtain a settlement or judgment in your favor, you don’t pay any attorney fees.

Employment Discrimination Attorneys in San Diego, California

Employment Discrimination is prohibited under numerous State & Federal Laws and Acts. California’s Labor Code and Fair Housing & Employment Act (FHEA) provide various protections for employees based on inclusion in a protected class of individuals. Title VII of 1964’s Civil Rights Act protects workers from employment discrimination based on color, creed, national ancestry and race. The Law Offices of San Diego Employment Lawyer Dennis Dascanio represents clients in a range of Employment Law Discrimination Cases, including those based on the following:
  • Disability Discrimination – The Americans with Disabilities Act and FEHA, in California, prohibits discrimination due to a physical or a mental disability. Additionally, employers must provide reasonable accommodations for the disabled worker.
  • Age Discrimination – Referring to individuals over the age of 40, the law offers specific protections prohibiting age discrimination. These practices are detailed in the Employment Act of 1967, also known as the ADEA.
  • Gender Discrimination – The Equal Pay Act of 1963 protects workers against Discrimination that is based upon gender. This law applies to all individuals.
  • Marital Status Discrimination – An employer cannot fail to employ, offer promotions or benefits, or terminate an employee based upon one’s marital status.
  • National Origin Discrimination – Discrimination that is due to the Country of Origin or one’s national ancestry is unlawful.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination – Similar to sexual harassment, an employer cannot discriminate against any employee’s pregnancy. This is considered a type of gender discrimination.
  • Racial Discrimination – The race or color of one’s skin must not be the basis for any type of discrimination.
  • Religious Discrimination – Religious affiliation, or the lack of involvement with any religious organization, cannot be the basis for discrimination.
  • Sexual Harassment – Any type of unwelcome advance, contact, or communication of a sexual nature is prohibited and considered to be a type of gender discrimination.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination – This type of discrimination in the workplace is based upon the real or perceived sexual orientation.

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If you or someone you love has been the victim of Workplace Discrimination, please contact San Diego Employment Attorneys at the Law Offices of Dennis A. Dascanio. We will schedule a free initial consultation with one of our highly experienced and qualified Employment Discrimination Attorneys. Please call (619) 338-8399 or complete our Case Evaluation Form for your complimentary consultation. We will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case and provide an experienced assessment regarding how best to proceed. Whether you are disabled, either physically or mentally, have been the victim of sexual harassment, or have been discriminated against at your place of work, the Law Offices of Dennis Dascanio is prepared to help you. We have been fighting for the rights of employees throughout San Diego, California for 30 years. We will put this experience to work for you and fight diligently to preserve and protect your dignity and your rights. Call our experienced Employment Law Lawyers today!

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